Mending the Gargoyles T

•August 13, 2010 • Leave a Comment

So I was recently set upon the task of mending a friend of mine’s Gargoyle Tank Top that at one point was a kid’s t-shirt. The shirt itself was made by a friend of mine who took the original shirt, cut around the pattern and then using a zig-zag stitch which served two purposes. First, the zig-zag stitch was amazing for dealing with the incredible stretchy-ness of the the tank-top that was chosen for the Gargoyles T’s final resting place. In addition to that the zig-zag stitch was done in a contrasting thread to make the cut out look more like an applique.

Basically, after making this awesome tank as time wore on the straps got a little longer than they used to, so I volunteered myself for the task of shortening them. I took a total of 3 inches off of both strap to make it a more appropriate length.

Overall the project ended up looking well and took me a grand total of 5 minutes to achieve. Some things that I found helpful for the project was having a jersey needle on hand. Also, having my buddy try it on and taking a good measurement and getting an idea where I wanted to cut.


Husqvarna Viking Serger Contest!

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The good people at are currently in the process of giving away a Husqvarna Serger, enter the contest on their website. What do you have to do? Make a blog post or a post in their forums describing why you want a new serger.

For me, since starting a hobby I’ve just been a happier person. I never really had anything productive to do. Sewing has given me a great outlet for my creative energies and every day I find myself trying something new (failing sometimes, being victorious other times) and it feels so great!

For me a serger would mean an opportunity to learn a new skill, and would really get my clothes designing and creating really off the ground! As of right now all my hems are done using a sewing machine, and for those of you who have done it that way, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be! So here would be my chance and opportunity to get a great piece of equipment.

Good luck to those who choose to enter!